What are the Benefits of using a Smart Switch for your home? - Schneider Electric (2024)

The smart switches are the future of innovation. Convert your dull switches into marvellous control centres where you can simply activate a light or appliance with a tap on the smartphone. Relax and effortlessly set up your home's energy management and ambience with effortless control, whether you're lounging on the couch or miles away. Take advantage of the smart switches for home automation for simple, fast, and limitless opportunities.

What is Smart Switch?

Smart and wireless switches provide traditional switch functionality along with lighting and automation features. Users can control the lighting through a mobile app, voice assistant, or automated system. These home appliances are compatible with lighting and appliances, allowing for easy and efficient control of ceiling fans, standalone air conditioners and exhaust systems.

Types of Smart Switches

There are three types of smart switches:

  1. Standalone: Operates independently but is controlled via a smartphone app, limited to devices on the same switch.
  2. Hub-based: Relies on a central hub connected to the router for remote control and networking.
  3. Standalone WiFi enabled: Functions with or without a hub, requiring connection to a home WiFi network for operation.

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How Do Smart Switches Work?

Smart switches are the new way of looking at and linking with our living environment. Rather than old-fashioned switches that only control one appliance or lamp, these devices provide various control options accessible through mobile apps or intelligent WiFi switches. Available in varied formats and sizes, some imitate the conventional switches, and others result in app control. Experiences differ for some people who prefer voice commands or smartphone or tablet apps. Smart switches allow you to control the change of your home's ambience as well as the consumption of energy. Thus, the future is convenience and efficiency.

Benefits of Using Smart Switches

The advanced edition of smart switches is a significant step forward in home control, even if the price is higher than ordinary switches. Discover various benefits that come with integrating smart switches into your home:

  1. Automation at Fingertips: Offer an effortless way to program your lights to turn on or dim at certain times, thus shaping a cosy mood for all occasions. With configurable presets, it simulates occupancy and adjusts brightness from movie time to reading books.
  2. Enhanced Security: Keep away potential intruders by giving the impression of being present in the home, even if you're not. Smart switches have an automatic control feature for outdoor lighting, giving the appearance someone is always home, thus helping with safety.
  3. Ultimate Convenience: In the era of smart switches, you don’t have to search for the switches during a power cut. Just a tap on your smartphone now initiates the lights from anywhere in your home, and you do not need to use any effort or time.
  4. Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings: Enjoy considerable energy savings by programming your lighting usage to suit your needs. Smart switches make lights go off in unoccupied rooms and create settings that use the least electricity, automatically cutting expenses year-round.
  5. Remote Control Accessibility: Wherever you are, be it in the office or on vacation, stay connected and in control of your electronic appliances with the ability to remotely manage your smartphone. You'll never come home to a dark home anymore as you effortlessly light up your space to know someone is waiting for you.



Make the latest smart switch installation at your home. Whether you expect increased security, convenience, or cost savings by reducing energy bills, the smart switches cover your needs. Experience in-home automation at its best. From the flexibility of remote control and automation to the reduction of energy consumption and increased security, smart switches empower homeowners with greater control over their living spaces. By applying smart technology, households can enjoy improved comfort, cost savings, and peace of mind. Embracing smart switches is not just a modern convenience but a strategic investment in creating a smarter, more sustainable, and connected home environment for the future.

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Reach the highest level of a smart home in the catalogue provided by Schneider eShop. It's hardly surprising that the list offers various ranges of smart switches like Livia, Zencelo, Unica Pure, Opale, ClipsalX, AvatarOn, Ulti, and Neo. Take your home to the next level by implementing the latest in innovative design, automation, and integration and experience of the ease of use and stylish look for you. Smart switches help with either the mission to ease convenience, swell up security or reduce energy costs. You can find one that suits your purpose and preference. Check out the Schneider eShop and begin your home automation success today! Platforms designed with user-friendliness in navigation and a wide selection of products deliver an easy shopping experience, including comparison and purchasing of Schneider eShop’s flagship intelligent switches.

What are the Benefits of using a Smart Switch for your home? - Schneider Electric (2024)


What are the Benefits of using a Smart Switch for your home? - Schneider Electric? ›

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings: Enjoy considerable energy savings by programming your lighting usage to suit your needs. Smart switches make lights go off in unoccupied rooms and create settings that use the least electricity, automatically cutting expenses year-round.

What are the benefits of smart switches? ›

Smart switches are programmable wireless switches that offer the same functionality as traditional switches, with the addition of lighting and automation. The smart switch allows users to control lighting through a mobile app, voice assistant, or automatic scheduling.

What can a smart switch do? ›

Smart switches are designed as direct replacements for traditional built-in switches. Yes, you can still turn your lights on and off, just as you always did, but these smart switches provide you with much greater control over your home's lighting, as well as fans and hardwired appliances.

What are the disadvantages of smart switches? ›

Disadvantages: Required Complexity

While smart switches offer a range of benefits, installing them isn't as plug-and-play as replacing light bulbs. It is necessary to understand electrical operation and have some technical knowledge for a successful installation.

Do smart switches use a lot of electricity? ›

On its own, the average smart plug uses at most one, maybe two watts at any given time. Zero, like that of an unused standard outlet, would be ideal, but smart plugs require a small amount of electricity to stay connected to your Wi-Fi. Still, a smart plug uses only around 10 kWh over the course of a year.

Does Smart Switch do everything? ›

When you use Smart Switch to set up your new phone, you can decide exactly what you want on your new device. If your old phone is a Galaxy, you'll be able to transfer just about everything, including all your texts, media content, Wi-Fi details and even your home screen settings.

Do smart switches increase home value? ›

Does a Smart Home Increase a Home's Value? Smart home technology can definitely add to market value. Appraisers make what they call “adjustments” when they compare tech-enabled homes with similar but tech-deficient houses. Smart homes command higher prices and may be easier to sell as a result.

What to know before buying a Smart Switch? ›

Do you need a neutral wire? Some smart light switches will need a neutral wire to work. Homes which were built in or after the 1980's likely will have one, but older homes might not. Because of this, it's a good idea to check whether your home has a neutral wire before you make a purchase.

Do smart switches work without internet? ›

All smart devices rely on the internet to function, so it is a natural assumption that when smart switches WiFi drops out, the devices will stop working. But in practice, you will find that this isn't entirely true. Smart switches for home lighting will continue to function even when your home network is down.

Do smart switches slow down Wi-Fi? ›

Do Smart Switches Slow Down WiFi? Generally speaking, smart lights won't put much extra drawn on your WiFi network because, like smart plugs, smart lights are very simple devices that will typically only need to communicate when their status changes.

Are smart switches a security risk? ›

Unlike the TV remote, these devices can collect and store information on your usage, habits, and preferences — either on the device or on the network. All that data makes your smart home a potential privacy risk, and every device you add to the network adds a new privacy concern.

Can smart switch be trusted? ›

Yes, security and privacy are the highest priorities. In most instances, Smart Switch transfers your data directly from one of your devices to another over a secure connection.

How much WiFi does a smart switch use? ›

Decora Smart Wi-Fi products use an extremely small amount of data and will not affect your Wi-Fi network performance. Opening this article on your phone or web browser used approximately 50 KB of data, while a Decora Smart Wi-Fi Switch sitting idle for a day would use approximately 30 KB.

Do smart switches use electricity when off? ›

No matter what type of connection you opt for, be it WiFi or Bluetooth, smart bulbs continue to draw power when they are off. As you control a smart bulb remotely, it requires energy to maintain the connection.

How long do smart switches last? ›

Smart switches should last you a lifetime, so there's no reason to worry about purchasing a new one later. There are also many unique tools that smart switches can save you money on your electrical bill – especially during winter.

What can you do with Samsung Smart Switch? ›

Smart Switch migrates different types of files to your new Galaxy, including photos, videos, notes, calendar events and even device settings. * Transferable data may vary depending on the device OS (Android or iOS), OS version, and/or connection option.

Does the Samsung Smart Switch transfer passwords? ›

But it seems that Samsung Smart Switch now has option to transfer wifi passwords.

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