Smart Bulb vs. Smart Switch: Which Is Best for You? (2024)

Ever find yourself in the smart lighting aisle wondering: what is a smart switch? How do smart bulbs work? Which one is best for my home and my needs?

Well, we completely understand. Smart lighting is still a relatively new technology for many people. And to get the bang for your buck, it helps to have answers to your questions—and a plan. So today, we’re going to compare the two most popular new-user products: smart bulb vs. smart switch. And we’re going to give you an expert breakdown on both, so you can decide which is the smartest choice for your home.

What Are Smart Bulbs?

Smart bulbs, including smart lighting fixtures, pair with a single app (e.g., the CYNC smart home app) that allows you to set schedules, control with voice assistants, control away from home, dim and brighten, as well as customize and save the perfect scene—all under one ecosystem. All Cync smart bulbs are available in two easy connection options. Both provide all the smart features you love. Choose the bulbs that work best for your lifestyle from our wide selection—which includes full color bulb options for interior and exterior fixtures, decorative led bulbs for chandeliers, and many more.

What Are the Advantages of Using Smart Bulbs in the Home?

Smart bulbs are the easiest way to get instant smart benefits. All you need to do is screw in a light bulb and connect it to the Cync App. Voila! Now you’re able to schedule your lights to turn on so you feel more comfortable when you get home from work at night. You can change the mood of a room in seconds with millions of colors and dimming capabilities at your fingertips—which is perfect for holidays or entertaining. And you can set and save scenes, control your lights from anywhere, and even pair with a voice assistant for voice control. So, if you’re looking for a solution that’s quick, easy, and colorful, starting with smart bulbs is a bright idea.

What Is a Smart Switch?

A smart switch can replace your traditional switch to give you smart control of your traditional non-smart bulbs. Which means you can keep all of your current bulbs and control them using the Cync App from anywhere, as well as through a connected voice assistant or right at the switch. We offer a variety of smart switches—including the new ceiling fan switch that controls the speed of your ceiling fan from anywhere. And of course, there’s our wireless smart switch that can be added anywhere on a wall—with no electrical box needed. May we suggest, right next to your bed or couch?

What are the Advantages of Using Smart Switches for the Home?

There are a few reasons to choose a smart switch over smart bulbs. For starters, let’s say you want to keep your current light bulbs—whether it’s because they’re too difficult to reach, you have multiple downlights and other specialty fixtures, or you’re simply happy with the light quality. Smart switches give you the complete smart experience of your current lighting with one installation. So now, you can group multiple bulbs together to turn them on/off with one touch of the switch or our app—which is great for large open kitchens or living rooms. You can also control lights away from home, set lighting schedules, and more. Plus, with a peel-and-stick backing, our wire-free switch option gives you the freedom to add a switch anywhere—offering touch control where it’s most convenient. Do any of these benefits match your needs? If so, it’s time to switch to a smart switch.

How Do Smart Bulbs Work with Smart Switches?

Like all our products, smart switches and smart bulbs pair seamlessly in the Cync App. With our wire-free and wired smart switch options, you can group your smart bulbs in the Cync app to get simple one-touch control of large areas and common spaces. In fact, you can use the Cync app to control your lights from anywhere and even turn them on when they’re turned off at the switch. Plus, they allow you to adjust the lighting temperature at the switch, control your ceiling fan and lights from your comfortable bed, and so much more. Sounds like a perfect smart pair!

Smart Bulbs vs. Smart Switches—Which Are Best for My Home?

Whether you opt for a smart bulb or a smart switch or both, you will experience the best that smart lighting has to offer. Smart switches give you the ability to make any of your existing light bulbs and fixtures smart, while smart bulbs give you the ability to play with color. Luckily, you don’t have to choose between the two. We thoughtfully developed our family of products, so every purchase comes with multiple life-enhancing benefits that work together seamlessly. This allows you to build onto your smart home as you see fit. And now that you have answers to some of your biggest questions, you can enter the lighting aisle ready to make a more informed decision for your unique home and needs. Happy smart shopping!

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Smart Bulb vs. Smart Switch: Which Is Best for You? (2024)


Smart Bulb vs. Smart Switch: Which Is Best for You? ›

Whether you opt for a smart bulb or a smart switch or both, you will experience the best that smart lighting has to offer. Smart switches give you the ability to make any of your existing light bulbs and fixtures smart, while smart bulbs give you the ability to play with color.

Do I need a smart switch if I have a smart bulb? ›

While you do not need a smart switch for a smart bulb, having one helps with interconnectivity throughout your household. Because even if you are using traditional or non-smart bulbs,the smart switch has the power to make any product smart.

Is it better to have a smart bulb or smart plug? ›

You can dip your toes into smart lighting by getting a single smart bulb or smart plug. Smart plugs tend to be more affordable while smart bulbs offer extra features such as personalized colors (be sure to read the product descriptions – features vary by bulb).

What are the disadvantages of smart light switches? ›

Disadvantages. For users who have installed wired switches, if you want to install a smart switch, you need to disassemble and install it. This is actually not difficult, but you must cut off the power first before installation, and then find the neutral and live wires. usually there are instructions.

What are the disadvantages of smart bulbs? ›

Although we think they're pretty great, there are obviously some disadvantages to smart lights. They can be expensive to initially buy, and are more expensive to run than regular LED bulbs. Plus, they require an internet connection to utilise the 'smart' features, which can leave them vulnerable to hackers.

Is it better to have smart switches or smart bulbs? ›

Whether you opt for a smart bulb or a smart switch or both, you will experience the best that smart lighting has to offer. Smart switches give you the ability to make any of your existing light bulbs and fixtures smart, while smart bulbs give you the ability to play with color.

Do I really need a smart switch? ›

Generally, I would say go with switches unless you really want the extra features of a smart bulb, such as different colors or temperature adjustment over time (adaptive lighting). How are your lights currently being used? Do other people interact with them? If so, the easiest way would be smart switches.

Do smart bulbs raise electric bill? ›

Do Smart Light Bulbs Use a Lot of Electricity? The short answer is, it depends on the type of smart light bulb you're using and how often it is switched on. LED bulbs typically use less as compared to other incandescent bulbs, which make them a much more efficient choice for lighting up your home or office.

What is the benefit of a smart light switch? ›

Benefits of Using Smart Switches

Automation at Fingertips: Offer an effortless way to program your lights to turn on or dim at certain times, thus shaping a cosy mood for all occasions. With configurable presets, it simulates occupancy and adjusts brightness from movie time to reading books.

Do smart plugs increase electricity bill? ›

Smart plugs can secure your garage, remotely restart your router and even help you cut your energy bill. How can smart plugs save you money, you ask? It's simple, really. Smart plugs help reduce wasted energy while consuming a negligible amount of energy themselves.

Are smart lights a security risk? ›

If it's connected to the internet, it can get hacked — yes, even some of the best smart bulbs. While smart bulbs make it easy to adjust the lighting and ambiance in your room, they connect to Wi-Fi, which makes them susceptible to attacks.

What is the lifespan of a smart switch? ›

Smart switches should last for a lifetime if they're used properly. You can increase their lifespan by following simple troubleshooting techniques. For example, if a smart switch keeps losing power, try resetting it to its original settings. These methods will ensure the device has a long life.

Do smart switches get hot? ›

Just like any other electrical appliance, the smart plug radiates heat during operation. It would feel warm or maybe a little hot after working for a while depending on the environment.

Is smart bulb worth buying? ›

Smart bulbs tend to be the more affordable option, and the benefit is that you can use them in your existing light fixtures. However, if you're in the market for a whole new light, a smart light isn't a bad choice either.

Do smart bulbs take a lot of wifi? ›

Each wireless access point handles 25+ concurrent connections easily. The smart bulbs do not really demand alot of bandwidth - the communication is only a few packets of data when changing state (off / on /dim etc.) except when doing a firmware upgrade.

Are smart bulbs safe for health? ›

Yes - they certainly do - but the risks and concerns are specific to overexposure to blue light during evening hours, and can be effectively managed and controlled. Blue light is similar to caffeine, and similar common-sense precautions should be taken.

Do smart bulbs work if the switch is off? ›

Installing a smart switch with your smart bulb will always keep that bulb on standby mode. Even if someone turns that switch off, it'll keep supplying power to your smart bulb - unless you disable the power relay.

Can I just plug in a smart bulb? ›

Yes, you can, but it will just be an over priced light bulb unless you actually want to control it via wi-fi and an app on a phone, table, computer, Alexa, etc.

Can you control smart bulbs with a switch? ›

The point of a Smart bulb is that the power is controlled at the bulb not the switch or phyically on the lamp. This is becuase the bulb still needs to receive power to keep the WiFi module running so that the bulb can be controlled through the app or voice.

What is the difference between a smart socket and a smart switch? ›

Unlike smart plugs that can be plugged into outlets, smart switches require more money and a more involved installation process. Here is an affordable smart switch option. The Kasa smart light switch does require the neutral wire but it is compatible with Alexa and Google Home.

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