Every Majima Encounter And How To Trigger Them In Yakuza Kiwami (2024)

Yakuza Kiwami is a faithful remake of the original Yakuza game that showed the first legendary chapter in Kiryu's life. With this remake, you finally have the opportunity to revisit the first chapter in Kiryu's life and find out how the Dragon of Dojima managed to establish his amazing legacy. Yakuza Kiwami also added a bunch of interesting content of its own, including the entertaining Majima Everywhere system that will keep fans on the edge of their seats as Majima appears out of nowhere to fight Kiryu over and over again.

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The main motive of Majima is ultimately to reawaken the Dragon of Dojima, and he won't stop until Kiryu has finally awakened his latent abilities once and for all. The Majima Everywhere system features several secret encounters that are hinted at through messages sent by Nishida, one of Majima's subordinates. Here are all the secret Majima Everywhere encounters and how to activate them in the game.

8 A Date With Goromi

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The first secret encounter that players can have with Majima comes in Club SHINE, where players will engage in a cabaret minigame with a rather interesting individual. Watching Majima take on the identity of Goromi and talk sweet nothings to Kiryu will easily be one of the most memorable moments in your playthrough.

This interesting event caps off in an eventful fight that will end with Kiryu relearning his patented kick combo once and for all. Watching Kiryu mow down enemies with this combo never fails to be satisfying, and it's great to use this moveset in the game once again.

7 Going Bowling With Majima

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Mach Bowl is one of the most iconic locations in the Yakuza series. Most players would look back fondly at the time when they hired a chicken in this area to serve as the manager of Kamurocho Real Estate.

In Yakuza Kiwami, Mach Bowl becomes a notable location since you can encounter Majima in this location as a surprise opponent. After winning a high-stakes game against Majima, you will learn the Essence of Overhead Throw.

6 Racing Majima In The Pocket Circuit Stadium

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Racing in the Pocket Circuit is one of the most fleshed-out and entertaining minigames in Yakuza Kiwami. The substories that take place in Yakuza 0 and are carried over in Yakuza Kiwami are quite engaging indeed.

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Of course, it would be impossible to talk about the Pocket Circuit Stadium in Yakuza Kiwami without mentioning Majima's surprise appearance in this location. The first race against Majima is pretty easy, and you'll easily defeat him with a proper loadout.

5 A Showdown Of Speed Against The Mad Dog Of Shimano

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The first Pocket Circuit race against Majima is a cakewalk that you'll definitely pass on the first go. However, it's the second and final race against Majima that will leave you tearing your hair out at how frustratingly hard it is.

You'll have to progress through the Pocket Circuit tracks and unlock all the car parts in order to build a state-of-the-art machine that can defeat Majima in his crazy race. It's a grueling battle of speed, but the improved attack speed that is unlocked as a result more than makes up for it.

4 Majima's First MesuKing Battle

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Along with Pocket Racing, there's another great minigame in Yakuza Kiwami that is surprisingly engaging. MesuKing might seem like nothing more than a reskin of the wrestling battles that you could bet on in Yakuza 0, but its focus on the player and his deck of cards makes it way more engaging and enjoyable.

Soon enough, Majima will want to enjoy a piece of this action as well. However, given his inexperience in this minigame, you'll find it extremely easy to just walk all over him in a few turns.

3 A MesuKing Battle For The Ages Against An Experienced Majima

After progressing through the MesuKing sidestory, Majima will challenge Kiryu once again. However, his days as a fledgling MesuKing player are long behind him — his knowledge of the game is vast, and his deck is even bigger.

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It will take a skilled player with a varied deck to beat this powerful version of Majima. Thankfully, if you manage to get through this grueling bug match, then you'll will be rewarded with a powerful Finishing Hold move that can allow you to throw enemies around with ease.

2 Triggering A Frustrating Encounter Against Majima In His Mad Dog Style

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One of the most annoying secret Majima encounters is completely luck-based, and it's possible that some players might never get the opportunity to unlock this move in the game. The conditions to unlock Dragon's Slow Burn 1 can be extremely harrowing to achieve, after all.

Basically, players need to trigger a special enemy encounter where Majima interrupts the fight. To unlock this move, Majima needs to enter the fight in his Mad Dog style, which is completely luck-based and can take quite a few attempts.

1 Fighting Hannya-man In The Coliseum

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Majima appears as several alter egos throughout the course of Yakuza Kiwami. One such alternate identity that he uses is the pseudonym Hannya-man, where he dons the mask of an oni to hide his identity — something that actually manages to fool Kiryu.

After getting the mail from Nishida about Hannya-man, you'll need to head to the Coliseum and participate in a bout where Hannya-man is one of the combatants. This encounter can be triggered fairly easily and rewards you with the Yellow Dragon Spirit, allowing Kiryu to regain heath after performing a Heat Action.

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Every Majima Encounter And How To Trigger Them In Yakuza Kiwami (2024)
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