Blox Fruits Leveling Guide | 1st, 2nd & 3rd Sea Guide [Upd 20.1]⭐ (2024)

Embarking on the thrilling adventure of Blox Fruits? Your journey to power is paved with strategic choices, from selecting the right fruit to precise stat allocation. Let’s unlock the secrets to soaring through the levels and cementing your status as a Blox Fruits champion.

Blox Fruits Leveling Guide | 1st, 2nd & 3rd Sea Guide [Upd 20.1]⭐ (1)

Blox Fruits Lvl Guide

By following this guide, you’ll navigate the Blox Fruits universe with the confidence and strategy of a seasoned player. Your choices, from fruit to fight, from stat to strategy, will reflect your growing expertise. So gear up, set sail, and may your rise to the top be as rapid as it is rewarding.

Best Fruit for Leveling in Blox Fruits?

  • Light It Up Early: In the game’s initial stages, speed is your ally. Opt for the Light fruit to dart across islands and rack up experience points (EXP) with astonishing speed. It’s your best bet for quick travels and efficient grinding in the First Sea.
  • Buddha’s Might: As you venture into the Second and Third Seas, the Buddha fruit becomes your cornerstone. With its expansive hitbox and halved damage intake, it’s the go-to for brushing off attacks from NPCs with Aura. Don’t wait to awaken this fruit, its power spike is worth every effort.
  • Gunplay Tactics: A trusty gun isn’t just for show, it’s a strategic tool for luring NPCs into your traps. Speedy reloads are key, so arm yourself with the likes of a Slingshot or Kabucha to master the art of the pull.

What Stats should I use for Level in Blox Fruits

  • For the Buddhas Among Us: If Buddha’s path is yours, tip the scales heavily towards melee, think a 65-80% investment. Defense picks up the slack with the remaining 20-35%. And fruit stats? They can sit this one out, as Buddha’s melee prowess outshines its fruit moves for grinding.
  • Elemental Enthusiasts: Embrace a balanced approach with a 60-70% dedication to melee and a 30-40% to defense. But if your fruit sizzles with power like Magma or beams like Light, nudge that fruit stat up to let your abilities truly shine.
  • Beast and Natural Fruit Fans: These fruits demand finesse with timing and crowd control. Aim for air superiority and gather your foes for a devastating blow. And when it comes to knockback, keep it at bay by fine-tuning your attack distance.

How to Grind fast in Blox Fruits?

  • NPC Strategy: Herding NPCs together before unleashing hell is a grind gamer’s mantra. It’s about maximizing those area-of-effect (AoE) hits and diminishing the dreaded knockback.
  • Boss Hopping: Patience with boss respawns is for the birds. Get ahead by server hopping to seek out bosses ripe for defeat, and claim their bountiful EXP and loot.
  • Useful Hacks: Techniques like the Fountain Strat can catapult your early-game levels. Chop offers early-game elemental immunity on a budget, helping you stay untouchable and relentless.
  • Location, Location, Location: Choose your grinding spots with care. Prioritize areas with dense NPC populations and swift respawns. Distance from quest givers is also a deal-breaker, closer is always better.
  • EXP Maximization: Got a 2x EXP code? Use it like a pro to double down on your leveling efforts. And don’t miss out on activities like the bone grind at Haunted Castle for an extra EXP edge.

PvP for Level in Blox Fruits

As you approach the zenith of levels, it’s time to pivot. Shift your focus to PvP-ready fruits that offer a blend of utility and combat prowess. This late-game strategy ensures you’re not just a level cap warrior but a formidable opponent in any skirmish.

Blox Fruits Leveling Guide | 1st, 2nd & 3rd Sea Guide [Upd 20.1]⭐ (2)

Blox Fruits Leveling Guide First Sea

Pirate Starter Island / Marine Starter Island

Your journey begins on one of two Starter Islands, tailored specifically for Pirates and Marines. The path you embark upon is determined by your chosen allegiance.

  • For Pirates, the adventure commences amidst the Bandits, while Marines start their journey alongside Trainees. Both factions encounter Level 5 NPCs, with an interesting twist, these NPCs come with immunity to elemental attacks at just Level 2, making your initial combats a true test of skill.

Here’s a pro tip for beginners: team up! Form squads of four and engage in melee combat to maximize efficiency. As you’re cutting your teeth on these early foes, keep your goals balanced, aim for a 50/50 split between melee prowess and defensive capabilities. This strategy is not just about gaining experience; it’s about preparing for the Elemental fruits you’ll soon encounter.

Persist in these skirmishes until you reach Level 10. By then, you’ll be well-equipped for the challenges ahead and ready to set sail to the next island, with stronger foes and greater treasures awaiting.


The Jungle island emerges as your next battleground, offering a blend of challenge and opportunity. Here, the lush canopy conceals treasures and trials alike, with a special surprise awaiting the most adventurous of players, the Blox Fruit Gacha, perched atop the Jungle temple.

  • Engage with the Monkeys, your first adversaries, boasting a Level 14 challenge. These creatures are solitary fighters, so you’ll need to engage them individually. While they may be a bit irksome due to their spread-out placement, vanquishing these Monkeys serves as a perfect prelude to the more formidable Gorillas.
  • Battle the Gorillas next, more daunting at Level 20. Strategy is key: lure them into a group for a more efficient takedown. This tactic not only expedites your leveling process but also prepares you for the mightiest challenge of the Jungle.
  • Confront the Gorilla King, a formidable Level 25 boss that demands respect, and strategy. Ranged attacks are your friend here, especially as this behemoth has a ground-pounding move that stuns anyone nearby.

Utilize cheap Elemental powers like Smoke or Flame to your advantage, and remember, while Elemental immunity protects you from regular attacks, it won’t shield you from boss moves. For those seeking a clever advantage, find an elevated ledge from which you can strike at the Gorilla King. This vantage point allows you to deal damage from a safe distance, turning a dangerous melee into a calculated assault.

Pirate Village

Progressing in the world of Blox Fruits takes you to the bustling Pirate Village, a place teeming with challenges and resources that can bolster your journey. Here, not only will you cross swords with formidable foes, but you’ll also have the chance to enhance your arsenal and refine your combat style.

  • Discover the Dark Step Teacher, a figure of intrigue hidden behind a fence, accompanied by a tree. For those who favor agility and speed in combat, the Dark Step fighting style is available for 150,000 currency, a worthy investment for farming experience up to Level 200. The choice, as always, is yours.
  • The Sword Dealer of the West also calls this village home, offering the elegant Dual Katana for 12,000 currency and the sturdy Iron Mace for 25,000 currency. Whether you prefer the grace of twin blades or the heft of a mace, you’ll find something to suit your style here.
  • Engage with Pirates, each at Level 35, by grouping them for a collective takedown. Efficiency is key; herd them together to maximize your combat potential.
  • Challenge the Brutes, stronger at Level 45. These adversaries are scattered and tougher to defeat, but they yield significantly more experience, about 10,000 more, to be precise. For an optimal strategy, corral no more than three at a time and unleash your might.
  • Lastly, brace yourself for Bobby, the Boss, who wields the Chop Fruit and poses a challenge at Level 55. Lower-level players, be wary; this battle will test your limits. Though he is adept with the Chop, your sword can still find its mark a third of the time. Close in with melee skills, dash, and strike with precision to emerge victorious.

The Pirate Village is not just another checkpoint, it’s a crucible where pirates are forged into legends. Equip yourself wisely, strategize your battles, and the spoils of victory will surely be yours.


The Desert island in Blox Fruits is a scorching crucible where only the strong thrive. The unforgiving sands offer more than just a test of survival; they offer a bounty of experience points, especially if you’re armed with the right 2x EXP codes.

  • Face the Desert Bandits, cunning adversaries at Level 60. Here, your strategy should be to rally them into a single, manageable horde before launching your attack. The rewards for your efforts? A rapid ascent to Level 90, as these bandits are generous in dispensing experience.
  • Desert Officers present the next tier of challenge, standing firm at Level 75. While they, too, can be grouped and defeated en masse, a word of caution: they are situated a considerable distance from the quest giver. The additional effort to traverse the dunes to reach them often outweighs the potential experience gains, making them a less efficient choice for power leveling.

In the arid expanses of the Desert, strategy is as crucial as strength. Capitalize on the lucrative EXP offerings and navigate wisely to make the most of your desert campaign. Your tenacity will be rewarded as you emerge from the sands stronger, wiser, and ready for the next challenge that awaits in the vast world of Blox Fruits.

Frozen Village

Embark on a chilling journey through the Frozen Village, a wintry wonderland within Blox Fruits, where formidable foes and valuable vendors await to elevate your game.

  • Meet the Sword Dealer of the East, a merchant of renown who offers the mighty Triple Katana for 60,000 currency and the robust Pipe for 100,000 currency. These weapons are not mere tools of combat; they are symbols of power for those who wield them with skill and courage.
  • Seek out the Ability Teacher in the Secret Cave, a mentor who imparts skills that will revolutionize your battles. From the empowering Aura to the liberating Air Jump, and the swift Flash Step, these abilities can be game-changers on your path to greatness.
  • Confront the Snow Bandits, your icy adversaries at Level 90. Draw them in, whether it’s a full group or just four, and strike decisively. Alongside the formidable Yeti, these foes should be your primary targets until you reach Level 120.
  • The Snowmen, despite being Level 100, are recommended to bypass due to their sparse distribution. They demand more effort for less reward, and time is of the essence when leveling. However, if you choose to face them, do so with patience, one at a time.
  • Battle the Yeti, a Level 105 boss that echoes the might of the Gorilla King but with a frostbitten twist. Maintain your distance and pepper him with ranged or stun attacks to avoid his devastating pound. Elemental attacks won’t be your ally here, but strategy and persistence will see you through.

In the Frozen Village, the cold is not just a climate, it’s a challenge. Overcome it with the right equipment, abilities, and tactics, and you’ll find your level rising as swiftly as the northern wind. Forge ahead, and let the warmth of victory keep you steadfast in the icy domain.

Middle Town

Middle Town may not be your typical farming haven in Blox Fruits, but it’s the epicenter for one of the game’s most thrilling challenges, the Raid Boss known as The Saw.

  • The Saw, a formidable Raid Boss, emerges in Middle Town on the hour, every hour. With the rallying call, “The Saw has spawned! You have 15 minutes to defeat him and possibly get a rare reward!” players are summoned to a battle where timing is everything.

This Level 100 mechanical menace offers more than just a fierce fight; it’s a chance to claim the Shark Saw sword. While this sword carries the prestige of being one of the game’s largest, it’s often deemed impractical for both PvP combat and grinding. Its range belies its size, offering no more reach than a standard sword, and its moves are considered middle-of-the-road at best. Despite these drawbacks, the allure of conquering The Saw goes beyond the potential loot. It’s a badge of honor, a testament to skill, especially for those daring warriors between levels 50-70+ who can leverage a devil fruit to their advantage. Note that elemental powers won’t tip the scales in this fight, The Saw is impervious to such attacks.

The key to victory over The Saw lies not in the reward, but in the strategy and prowess you exhibit in the heat of battle. Gather your allies, sharpen your skills, and prepare for a clash that will test the very limits of your abilities. Triumph in Middle Town, and your name could echo through the annals of Blox Fruits history.

Marine Fortress

Marine Fortress stands as a bastion of challenge and reward in Blox Fruits, beckoning the bravest players to test their might and strategy.

  • The Mythic Greybeard arrives every six hours, heralded by the ominous message, “Loud tremors are being heard across the seas…” This Level 750 colossus presents a formidable challenge, and those who dare confront him have a 15-minute window to claim victory. For the wielders of the Bisento, defeating Greybeard can unlock its true potential, transforming it into the coveted Bisento V2. However, players in the first sea should be wary, Greybeard’s health rivals that of Third Sea bosses, making him a titan among adversaries.
  • The Chief Petty Officer awaits at Level 120, a formidable foe yet manageable with the right approach. Despite their strength, these enemies are spaced far from the quest giver, allowing only a pair to be engaged at once. The strategy for victory? Lure them to an elevated ledge, where their lack of ranged attacks becomes their downfall. These officers serve as your stepping stones to Level 150.
  • Face the Vice Admiral, a Level 130 boss whose might is matched by his cunning. His attacks can deal a crushing 150 damage per hit, posing a significant threat to lower-level players. The trick to besting him lies in maneuvering, lure him to the left and down the stairs, where he finds himself at a disadvantage. From there, unleash your ranged onslaught, but remain vigilant for his Triple Katana’s flying slashes. Remember, Elemental abilities will not aid you against bosses, so rely on your wits and combat skill.

Marine Fortress is not merely a location; it’s a crucible where legends are forged. With courage, strategy, and a dash of daring, you can ascend the ranks and etch your name in the annals of Blox Fruits lore.


The Skylands, nestled high above the sea, offer a serene yet challenging environment for players in Blox Fruits. As you navigate through the clouds, you’ll encounter unique merchants and intense battles that will test your mettle.

  • The Master Sword Dealer awaits with his wares on the island of quests, offering the Dual-Headed Blade for 400,000 currency and the Bisento for a hefty 1 million. While these weapons boast impressive names and prices, they are generally not recommended due to their performance in combat scenarios.
  • Seek out the Mad Scientist, concealed at the base of the cloud stairs behind a floating rock, for he has a secret to share. For 500,000 currency, he offers the electrifying fighting style known as Electric, which can later evolve into the Electric Claw in the Third Sea. This style is prized in PvP for its stunning abilities, making it a strategic investment for those looking to dominate in player versus player combat.

Navigating the Skylands can be tricky, especially for those without an Elemental fruit. The floating islands require precise movement, and the battles demand strategic thinking.

  • Engage with Sky Bandits at Level 150, who are ripe for the picking. Gather them for an all-out battle and farm them diligently until you reach level 177. This is your grind, your battle dance among the clouds.
  • Dark Masters present a greater challenge at Level 175, with an Elemental level of 177. Once again, group these foes and unleash your might upon them, farming until you ascend to level 192.

In the Skylands, the sky is not the limit, it’s the playground. Arm yourself with knowledge, equip the right abilities, and tackle each fight with strategy. Here, among the clouds, your journey in Blox Fruits ascends to epic proportions.


In the world of Blox Fruits, the Prison is a notorious hotspot for tough battles and strategic gameplay, a place where only the savvy and the strong can truly excel.

  • The Saber: At level 200, acquiring the Saber becomes a game-changing move. Renowned for its effectiveness, it’s a sword that can slice through the competition and is a must-have for serious players. Keep an eye out for Swan, a character distinct from Don Swan, and other notable figures like the Military Detective, who is essential for advancing to the Second Sea, and the Blox Fruits Remover.
  • AFK-Farming: For those looking to bypass the grind, AFK-farming in the Sky Islands presents an alternative to the arduous Prison. This area is often cited as the most frustrating place to level in the First Sea, so consider this method to streamline your journey.
  • Boss Quests: When it comes to grinding boss quests, server hopping is a recommended strategy. Targeting bosses directly yields more experience, money, and mastery, making it a lucrative shortcut. Some players even opt to skip the Colosseum entirely by focusing on bosses, leveraging tricks and tactics to expedite these encounters.
  • Prisoners: At level 190, Prisoners are considered a less efficient farming option due to their rapid respawn and scattered placement. If you choose to engage, focus on grouping three nearby, followed by the furthest two, cycling this pattern for maximum efficiency.
  • Dangerous Prisoners: At level 210, these foes are even less advisable to farm, primarily because of their distance from the quest giver. It’s generally better to continue with Prisoners until level 220.
  • Warden and Chief Warden: Both bosses, at levels 220 and 230 respectively, can be outmaneuvered with a simple but effective “wall cheese” tactic. Lure them behind a wall, then strike with M1 attacks without taking damage. For those preferring range, keeping your distance is key as neither boss has long-range attacks.
  • Swan: The most challenging boss at level 240 requires a careful blend of distance and precision. Lead Swan outside and maintain your distance, unleashing long-range attacks while staying alert to his AoE and Multi-Spider attacks.

In the Prison, every battle is a lesson, every victory a triumph. With the right strategy and a bit of cunning, you can conquer this daunting stage and carve a path to the next sea, and towards the legendary status in Blox Fruits.


In the heart of Blox Fruits lies the Colosseum, a place where strength and strategy are pitted against the might of ancient warriors. While the glory of battle beckons, not all fights are worth the blood and sweat.

  • Toga Warriors: At Level 250, these formidable foes can be a grind. While it’s possible to group 3-4 Toga Warriors and take them down in a calculated assault, farming here until Level 300 isn’t always the most efficient path. For those looking to streamline their leveling process, consider bypassing the Colosseum’s toils in favor of boss hopping on Prison Island—especially if you’ve mastered the art of “cheesing” the bosses for quicker victories.
  • Gladiators: At Level 275, Gladiators pose an even greater challenge, and not just in combat. Their slow spawn rate and tendency to despawn if not engaged quickly make them a less than ideal choice for farming. Stick with the Toga Warriors until Level 306 for a more consistent leveling experience.

For those intent on facing the Colosseum’s challenges, remember that efficiency is key. Group your enemies, strike swiftly, and keep an eye on the prize. And yet, sometimes the smartest strategy is to know when to fight and when to move on to more rewarding battles. Whether you choose to brave the Colosseum or circumvent its trials, your journey in Blox Fruits is one of epic proportions. Each decision you make shapes your path to power, and every victory brings you one step closer to becoming a legend of the seas.

Magma Village

Magma Village, a landscape dominated by the searing heat of molten lava, offers a path for the daring to ascend in power within Blox Fruits.

  • The Soul Cane & Instinct: Hidden within this infernal domain, the Living Skeleton offers the Soul Cane for 750,000 currency. Its Z move—a potent stun—is a valuable asset in any player’s arsenal. Meanwhile, soaring in the Upper Skylands, Instinct can be acquired for the same price. This ability is essential, sharpening your reflexes and combat prowess for the trials ahead.
  • Military Soldiers: At Level 300, these NPCs may spawn with Aura, rendering Elemental abilities ineffective. For those with Elemental fruits, target soldiers with white swords who lack this protective Aura. Employ ranged Blox Fruits attacks or the Chop to bypass their defenses. Focus on the three soldiers on the right, then the two on the left, farming until level 330. With a strategy centered around the bridge, you can exploit their inability to climb, allowing you to whittle down their health safely from a distance.
  • Military Spies: With a 100% chance to spawn with Aura, these Level 330 adversaries demand caution and distance in combat. They possess Flash Step, enabling them to close distances quickly. Gather 4-5 at a time for elimination, farming until you reach level 350. Instinct is not just recommended at this point—it’s a necessity.
  • Magma Admiral: This Level 350 boss wields the formidable Magma Fruit, making him a formidable opponent amidst the volcanic fury. His Magma Fist threatens from a range, while the Magma Column demands your attention in close-quarters combat. Risking the lava’s wrath can bring great reward, as the Admiral may relinquish the Refined Musket upon defeat. As with all bosses, Elemental abilities will not sway the battle; rely on your mastery of combat tactics instead. Persist in boss hopping with the Magma Admiral until you’re ready for the next quest.

Magma Village is not just a place of peril; it is a forge for heroes. Embrace the heat, equip yourself with the mightiest weapons and skills, and let the flames temper your resolve as you rise through the levels in Blox Fruits.

Underwater City

Underwater City, a submerged realm of mystery and martial prowess, beckons Blox Fruits adventurers to its depths. Here, the ancient art of Water Kung Fu, available for 750,000 currency, awaits behind the boss building in a hidden enclave. While this fighting style shines in PvP with its considerable damage, it’s also a precursor to Sharkman Karate, the Second Sea’s premier style for grinding.

  • Fishman Warriors: At Level 375, these aquatic adversaries require a bit of strategy due to their spread-out formation. Group them in clusters of 3-4 and utilize Elemental abilities if possible to optimize your farming efforts.
  • Fishman Commandos: Level 400 presents the Fishman Commandos, more daunting due to their wide dispersion. They’re not the ideal choice for farming, but if you choose to engage, pull together 3-4 for efficiency. Remember, one elusive Commando hides within a non-collidable tree, visible with Instinct, and should not be overlooked. Continue your grind until level 458 in concert with the Fishman Lord, where Elemental tactics become viable at level 406.
  • Fishman Lord: The Level 425 boss poses a significant challenge, especially to newcomers. A reliable strategy involves baiting him to a window for a barrage of attacks through the barrier. He undergoes a full heal as he transitions to his second phase, so persistent assaults are key. Area of effect fruits like Flame, Light, Magma, and Ice are recommended for their capacity to breach walls. Despite your best Elemental efforts, remember that bosses are immune to such tactics. The Fishman Lord may bestow the Trident upon defeat, a weapon whose Z move can attract NPCs, proving advantageous for crowd control. Boss hopping is the tactic of choice here, as exploiting the wall’s one-sided vulnerability can expedite your quest significantly.

Submerge into the Underwater City, where the depths hold not just danger but the keys to immense power. With the right skills, strategies, and tenacity, you’ll rise from the ocean’s embrace not just as a survivor, but as a conqueror.

Upper Skylands

Upper Skylands, a realm suspended above the clouds, presents players with a blend of strategy and action-packed combat in Blox Fruits. This area is known for its relative ease of grouping enemies, a feature that seasoned players can exploit for efficient leveling.

  • God’s Guard: At Level 450, the God’s Guards await with a challenge. Herd them into a single group for a decisive battle. Stay vigilant for their jump ability, which can evade incoming attacks. Use this to your advantage, anticipating their movements and striking with precision.
  • Shandas: With a level of 475, Shandas offer a robust test of your combat skills. Amass them and execute them in one fell swoop to maximize your experience gain.
  • Wysper: This Level 500 boss demands respect for his damaging Bazooka. Agile movements and ranged attacks are key to your survival. A pro tip for adventurers: lead Wysper over the tree root and behind a house to trap him, rendering his Bazooka futile. Here, area of effect moves can chip away at his health safely. Farm Wysper alongside Shandas until you reach level 535, and look out for a chance to claim his Bazooka as your own.

Upper Skylands Second Area

In the Upper Skylands, your skills will be tested, but with the right approach, victory is within reach. Embrace the tactics that these altitudes demand, and you’ll not only survive but thrive, ascending through the levels as a true master of the skies in Blox Fruits.

  • Royal Squad: At Level 525, these enemies may challenge your tactical positioning due to the landscape’s tricky terrain. Bring them all together for a collective takedown, farming until level 560. Mind the rocks that might ensnare them and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Royal Soldiers: These Level 550 foes can be grouped in 3-4 for effective dispatching. Be wary of their flying slashes and dodge periodically to mitigate damage, especially if you lack Chop or an Elemental advantage. Continue your grind until level 637, where Elemental strategies begin to shine.
  • Thunder God: A formidable Level 575 boss wielding the Rumble, he can be outmaneuvered with distance and ranged attacks. Evade his Rumble Dragon with swift dashes and jumps, and stay out of range to avoid his Sky Thunder. A successful campaign against the Thunder God may yield the coveted Pole (1st Form), which can be transformed into the mightier Pole v2 in the Second Sea.

Fountain City

Fountain City in Blox Fruits presents a bustling challenge with its robust pirates and cyborgs. Here’s how to navigate this urban sprawl to maximize your leveling gains.

  • Galley Pirates: At Level 625, these foes offer a solid farming opportunity, especially for those wielding Elemental fruits. They can be tricky to corral, but with a strategic route, you can optimize your experience. Start with the solitary Galley Pirate to the left of the quest start, swiftly move to group four more, and then tackle them in one go. Cycle this pattern, adding two more to the mix for efficiency. Keep this up until you reach levels 700 – 800, with Elemental abilities activating at level 637.
  • Galley Captains: Level 650 introduces the Galley Captains, a tougher bunch not recommended for Elemental fruit users due to their Aura. If you possess Chop or are willing to adopt it, these captains become viable targets. They group more easily than their lower-ranked counterparts, allowing for a more streamlined grind. Use your sword or fighting style to cut through their ranks until levels 700 – 800, with Chop becoming effective around level 670 to evade their sword attacks.
  • Cyborg: The Level 675 boss is a formidable adversary with a repertoire of close-range and missile attacks. Maintain your distance, utilize the environment for cover, and employ piercing moves to whittle down his health safely. Dash to dodge missiles, and consider using the Franky House as a shield. Defeat the Cyborg, and you may find yourself in possession of the Cool Shades, a top-tier accessory for any serious Blox Fruits player.

Whether you choose to advance to the New World at level 700 or push further to 775 or 800, Fountain City is your proving ground. Here, you’ll not only test your mettle but refine your tactics and emerge ready for the adventures that await in the new horizons of Blox Fruits.

Blox Fruits Leveling Guide Second Sea

Kingdom of Rose 1st Area

The Kingdom of Rose, with its regal landscapes and formidable foes, provides a unique challenge for Blox Fruits players aiming to escalate their power and prestige.

  • Raiders: At Level 700, Raiders prove to be more trouble than they’re worth. Their sparse distribution and meager experience offerings make them a less-than-ideal option for farming. Their quick tackle ability adds to the frustration, often evading player attacks. Should you choose to engage them, limit your battles to small groups of two for efficiency. The recommendation, however, is to seek more fruitful battlegrounds until you reach level 741.
  • Mercenaries: Level 725 presents the Mercenaries, yet another combatant in the Kingdom’s roster. Details on their combat patterns and how to best farm them will be essential for players looking to level up effectively.
  • Diamond: The boss of this realm, Diamond, appears at Level 750 atop Flower Hill. His arsenal includes a ranged flying slash, a multi-slash burst for close-quarters combat, and a slam attack that can teleport him to the player’s location. To vanquish Diamond, maintain your distance and employ long-range attacks, dodging his telegraphed moves to avoid damage. Success in this encounter could reward you with Diamond’s Longsword, featuring two of the moves from his own repertoire. It’s important to note that, as a boss, Diamond is impervious to Elemental effects, so rely on your wit and agility to overcome him.

Underneath Diamond’s domain lies a secret worth exploring: Arowe, who possesses the ability to upgrade your race to v3. The entrance, a non-collidable door, is discreetly located beneath Flower Hill. In the Kingdom of Rose, your journey will be one of strategy, precision, and perhaps a touch of royalty. Sharpen your skills and prepare for battle; this kingdom rewards those who can deftly navigate its challenges and emerge victorious.

Kingdom of Rose 2nd Area

The second area of the Kingdom of Rose in Blox Fruits offers players an intricate dance of risk and reward, challenging you to hone your strategy and timing.

  • Swan Pirates: At Level 775, these are your prime targets for efficient farming. Form groups of 4-5 to optimize your leveling process until you reach level 897. Elemental abilities kick in at level 793, giving you an additional edge. For those looking to grind mastery or experience, position yourself between spawning Swan Pirates to ensure they target you immediately, making it ideal for auto-click farming with a Sword, Fighting Style, or Fruit Sword like Ice or Light. Utilizing 2x EXP codes can significantly reduce the grind here.
  • Factory Staff: Level 800 introduces Factory Staff, a less favorable choice for farming. Their wide spread and modest rewards, coupled with the risk of fruit abilities like Bomb, Spike, and Smoke, make them a challenging prospect for Elemental users. It’s advisable to continue with Swan Pirates instead. If you decide to tackle the Factory Staff, do so one at a time to minimize risk.
  • Jeremy: The boss Jeremy, sitting at Level 850 and wielding the Spring fruit, presents a lucrative opportunity for farming both money and experience. He’s also integral to the Colosseum Quest. Maintain a long-range assault with your fruit or sword, and exploit his teleportation back to his starting point to safely deal damage. His close-range abilities, Spring Snipe and Spring Cannon, can be avoided by keeping your distance. Jeremy’s defeat may yield the black spikey coat, a beneficial accessory for early progression in the second sea and an excellent farming aid. Continue to alternate between him and the Swan Pirates until you reach level 897.

In the Kingdom of Rose’s second area, you’re tasked with a significant grind, potentially spanning the first 197 levels (or 175 without Elemental). Embrace the rhythm of combat and use these strategies to navigate through this phase of your Blox Fruits journey with efficiency and grace.

Green Zone

The Green Zone in Blox Fruits offers a challenging environment for players looking to push past Level 875. Here’s your strategy to navigate these treacherous waters.

  • Marine Lieutenants: At Level 875, Marine Lieutenants are present but not the most efficient for your leveling journey. The advice is clear: stick with Swan Pirates until you hit Level 925. If you do choose to engage with Lieutenants, group them in small numbers for quicker farming, but remember, the real prize lies with Fajita.
  • Marine Captains: With a level requirement of 900 and a knack for bypassing Elemental defenses with their Aura, Marine Captains are a less than ideal choice for those reliant on Elemental abilities. If you’re up for the challenge and have Chop at your disposal (activating at Level 924), you can engage with them using your sword or fighting style to chip away at their defenses.
  • Fajita: The boss of the Green Zone, Fajita, is at Level 925 and is a Gravity fruit user. Farming Fajita is a lucrative way to gain both money and experience. His moves include Gravity Push, which requires quick reflexes to evade at close to medium range, and Meteor Rain, signaled by a purple beam, which you can dodge with a backward movement while countering with ranged attacks. Defeating Fajita may reward you with the Gravity Cane, a sought-after item for many players. Alternate your farming between Fajita and Marine Lieutenants to efficiently reach level 976.

The Green Zone is not just another checkpoint; it’s a test of your strategic combat abilities and patience. Server hopping to find Fajita and farming him efficiently is your ticket to the upper echelons of the Blox Fruits world.


The Graveyard zone in Blox Fruits presents a spooky setting filled with undead challenges that players must overcome to gain experience and level up.

  • Zombies: At Level 950, Zombies are your go-to adversaries in the Graveyard. By gathering them in sizable groups of 5-6, you can maximize your farming efficiency, leading you straight to level 1028. Elemental abilities will come into play at level 976, giving you an extra advantage against these ghoulish foes.
  • Vampires: These creatures of the night appear at Level 975 and are notoriously difficult to farm due to their spread-out positions and their ability to use Flash Step. Unless you’re up for the challenge, they’re not recommended for farming. However, if you decide to take on these bloodthirsty beings, focus on taking out three on the left first, then the two on the right, and circle back to the initial trio. Rinse and repeat after reacquiring the quest. As a bonus, these NPCs may drop the coveted Vampire Fang, adding an extra incentive to brave the farming challenge.

The Graveyard zone may appear daunting, but with the right strategy, you’ll find it’s more treat than trick. Gather your courage, arm yourself with the best tactics, and prepare to send the undead back to their crypts while boosting your level with each victory.

Snow Mountain

Brace yourself for the icy peaks of Snow Mountain in Blox Fruits, where formidable foes await those seeking to climb the levels from 1000 to 1150.

  • Snow Troopers: Positioned at Level 1000, Snow Troopers are your primary targets on this frostbitten battlefield. Amass them in large clusters of 5-6 to optimize your leveling efforts. Keep at it until you reach either level 1132 or 1150, with Elemental powers becoming an asset at level 1028. This method is both efficient and effective, allowing you to carve a path through the cold with the warmth of victory.
  • Winter Warriors: At Level 1050, you’ll encounter the Winter Warriors, notorious for their chilling attacks that can freeze Elemental users in their tracks and create hazardous situations. The distance from the quest giver coupled with their stunning abilities makes them a less ideal choice for leveling. If you’re determined to face these frosty adversaries, limit your engagements to small groups of 3-4 at a time to manage the threat. However, the recommendation is clear: it’s often better to stay with the Snow Troopers for a more straightforward ascent to higher levels.

Snow Mountain is a test of endurance and strategy, but with persistence, you can turn this tundra into a training ground that propels you toward the summit of your Blox Fruits adventure.

Don Swan’s Mansion

Unlock the secrets of Don Swan’s Mansion, a pivotal location in Blox Fruits, where players face off against the formidable Don Swan after completing the Colosseum Quest and reaching level 1000. Here’s how to navigate this encounter and reap the rewards.

  • Don Swan Boss Battle: At Level 1000, you’ll challenge Don Swan, a boss who wields the formidable Spider fruit. To initiate this clash, present Trevor with a fruit valued at over $1M. Don Swan’s combat style is two-phased and demands strategy and resilience.
    • First Phase: This initial stage involves Don Swan using two Spider fruit moves. The close-range Multi-Spider attack launches in an X pattern, while Ultimate Thread is his second signature move. This phase is your chance to familiarize yourself with his patterns without overwhelming pressure.
    • Second Phase: Upon entering this phase, Don Swan ramps up his offense significantly. He unleashes three attacks: an enhanced Multi-Spider assault, an Awakened Ultimate Thread that splits into three, and the devastating Overheated Sniper. The intensity of this phase requires agility and rapid response to his more frequent and damaging moves.
    • Rewards: Defeating Don Swan grants you the coveted Swan Glasses, widely regarded as the best Second Sea accessory. Additionally, you’re guaranteed the Swan Ship, a symbol of your victory and a valuable asset for your onward journey.

Remember, Elemental powers have no sway in this boss fight, so rely on your wit and combat skills. Successfully navigating Don Swan’s Mansion is a testament to your mastery over Blox Fruits’ challenges.

Hot and Cold

Venture into the contrasting extremes of the Hot and Cold area in Blox Fruits, where players from level 1100 to 1288 must navigate through the searing heat and biting frost to level up. Here’s how to beat the heat and keep your cool.

  • Lab Subordinates: Start your journey at Level 1100 by tackling Lab Subordinates. Cluster the two nearest the quest giver, vanquish them, then round up the next three for a repeat performance. This methodical approach can take you all the way to level 1211. Engage with Elemental powers at level 1132 to smooth your path.
  • Horned Warriors: At Level 1125, you’ll find Horned Warriors, formidable foes that can launch chilling attacks. They aren’t typically recommended due to their ability to stun and strike Elemental users with ice moves. However, if you choose this path, keep to the skies to avoid ground-based attacks and aim to farm them until level 1211. These adversaries require deft aerial maneuvering for efficient farming.
  • Smoke Admiral: The boss at Level 1150, Smoke Admiral, wields the Smoke fruit and presents a claustrophobic battle space. Lure him outside, trap him behind a wall, and unleash your arsenal. Although his quest yields less money than other bosses, the experience gain is substantial. Conquering the Smoke Admiral can reward you with the Jitte. Push through until level 1250, utilizing your skills over Elemental advantages, which have no effect here.
  • Magma Ninjas: At Level 1175, engage with Magma Ninjas. Assemble them in trios, alternating between two groups for maximum efficiency, and proceed until level 1288. Employ your Elemental abilities starting at level 1211 to bolster your farming efficiency.
  • Lava Pirates: Level 1200 introduces Lava Pirates, who, despite lacking Aura, can disrupt your flow with their Magma attacks. They are not the preferred choice when you have double EXP codes; instead, continue to focus on Magma Ninjas. If facing Lava Pirates, tackle them one or two at a time, but only as a secondary option.

Cursed Ship

Embark on a spine-chilling adventure aboard the Cursed Ship, where the dreaded Cursed Captain and his ghastly crew await. Navigate through the darkness and collect Ectoplasm for your journey. Here’s how to overcome the horrors and reap the rewards:

  • Ship Deckhand (Lv. 1250): Begin your quest by veering left to encounter four Ship Deckhands in close proximity. Round them up and dispatch them swiftly. Utilize Elemental abilities at level 1288 to enhance your combat efficiency. Continue to battle these foes until reaching levels 1350 or 1394 for a fruitful experience.
  • Ship Engineer (Lv. 1275): Recommended for Buddha Users Only. These formidable foes bear Aura, are scattered from their quest origin, and are few in number, leading to prolonged quest times. However, if you’re determined, engage with groups of three for an optimal approach.
  • Ship Steward (Lv. 1300): These solitary adversaries require a straightforward strategy: defeat them one by one. Due to their propensity to get stuck and their distance from one another, they are not typically recommended for leveling. However, they are a prime source for Ectoplasm farming. Continue until level 1394.
  • Ship Officer (Lv. 1325): Similar to the Ship Engineers, Ship Officers are equipped with Aura and are quite distant from the quest giver. Tackle them in small groups of two to three if you choose to face them, though they are not generally advised for farming.
  • Cursed Captain (Raid Boss Lv. 1325): Assemble a crew of two to three players for an optimal takedown strategy. Utilize stunning moves like Superhuman Z or Electric C. For those with the awakened Buddha’s Z move, a solo endeavor is possible. Upon defeat, he relinquishes 10 Ectoplasm and occasionally, the coveted Hellfire Torch, essential for obtaining the Ghoul race. Remember, bosses are impervious to Elemental effects.

Pro Tips:

  • If you’re utilizing Buddha’s abilities, remember to unawaken your Z move for better maneuverability inside the ship.

  • Switch to fast mode for improved visibility in the ship’s dimly lit corridors.

  • Collecting Ectoplasm is key, with a 50% drop chance from all enemies, making every encounter potentially rewarding.

Set sail for the Cursed Ship, armed with these strategies, to master your leveling up process and enhance your Blox Fruits experience.

Ice Castle

Prepare to brave the frostbitten halls of the Ice Castle, where the icy breath of danger lurks around every corner. Here’s how to navigate the frozen fortress and emerge victorious:

  • Arctic Warriors (Lv. 1350): Mobilize all five Arctic Warriors and dispatch them centrally for an efficient takedown. Initially, focus on reaching level 1400 to challenge the Awakened Ice Admiral. Subsequently, engage both adversaries until level 1425. Alternatively, you may choose to extend your farming up to level 1473 or opt for server-hopping strategies with the Awakened Ice Admiral due to their proximal spawns.
  • Snow Lurker (Lv. 1375): Not Advised for Farming. These opponents can unleash attacks that pierce through Elemental defenses, making them a formidable challenge. Furthermore, they are equipped with Aura, rendering Elemental strategies ineffective. Chop is also not recommended since they possess the capability to stun and disrupt Instinct with Ice Surge. Tackle them in groups of two to three if you choose, but consider their close spawn proximity when deciding whether to farm.
  • Awakened Ice Admiral (Boss Lv. 1400): Keep a vigilant eye for his appearance while managing the Arctic Warriors. Wielding the Awakened Ice fruit, he employs three distinct attacks: Ice Spears, which are ineffective through barriers; Glacial Surge for mid-range confrontations; and Absolute Zero for close-quarters combat. Exploiting his inability to penetrate walls, you can trap him and attack with impunity. He may relinquish the Hidden Key, unlocking the pathway to Rengoku, and the Library Key for Death Step acquisition. Continue battling him until reaching levels 1473 or 1425, depending on your preference for server hopping.

Key Takeaways:

  • Grouping enemies for collective combat can significantly enhance farming efficiency.

  • Elemental strategies must be adapted based on enemy Aura and abilities.

  • Utilizing environmental obstacles to trap bosses can provide a strategic advantage.

  • Keep track of key drops to access advanced abilities and equipment.

Harness these insights to conquer the Ice Castle’s inhabitants and claim the treasures within. With the right approach, you can turn this frozen battlefield into a hot spot for leveling and looting in Blox Fruits.

Forgotten Island

The Forgotten Island holds secrets beneath its waves, and here’s how you can navigate its challenges and emerge as a master of its domain:

  • Sea Soldier (Lv. 1425): Your strategy here is to group these enemies in manageable clusters of 2-4, which will optimize your farming efforts. They present an excellent opportunity as they lack Aura and only employ the initial move of Water Kung Fu, making them less dangerous for Elemental users.
  • Water Fighters (Lv. 1450): Not Advised for Farming. These adversaries are equipped with Aura and can execute the X move of Water Kung Fu, which, coupled with their wide dispersion, makes them inefficient targets for leveling. If you still choose to take them on, limit your engagements to pairs.
  • Tide Keeper (Boss Lv. 1475): This formidable boss surfaces every half hour and is a formidable force with a hefty health pool. The Tide Keeper brandishes the Dragon Trident and has an arsenal of moves at its disposal, including the ability to summon a decoy Sea Beast to attack players. Given its strength, it’s prudent to face this challenge with an ally. Notably, the Tide Keeper may relinquish the coveted Water Key, a token required for accessing Sharkman Karate, as well as the Dragon Trident. Focus your leveling on the Sea Soldiers, and when the time comes, join forces to vanquish the Tide Keeper.

Key Strategies:

  • Employ precision in grouping enemies to maximize the efficiency of your farming runs.

  • Avoid engaging with Aura-wielding adversaries unless necessary or for specific objectives.

  • Teamwork is paramount when confronting formidable bosses like the Tide Keeper.

  • Utilize timers to synchronize your efforts with boss spawn times for optimal resource acquisition.

Incorporate these strategies to master the Forgotten Island, unlocking the potent Sharkman Karate, and claim the treasures that lie within its depths. With discipline and collaboration, the island’s challenges will become stepping stones to greater power in Blox Fruits.

Blox Fruits Leveling Guide Third Sea

Port Town

Navigating through Port Town in Blox Fruits requires a tactical approach, especially due to the high damage output of the NPCs there. Here’s a guide to help you farm efficiently and safely on this island:

  • Pirate Millionaire (Lv. 1500): Not Recommended for Standard Farming. These NPCs can be particularly challenging due to their Bisento V1 skills, making them dangerous to group without sustaining heavy damage. If you choose to farm them:
    • Utilize ranged moves to keep a safe distance.
    • Buddha users have an advantage here due to their large AoE attacks and increased durability.
    • Aim to group 2 – 3 at a time and use AoE attacks to farm them until level 1525. Buddha users can continue farming up to level 1700 due to the difficulties in farming Hydra Island enemies and Pistol Billionaires.
  • Pistol Billionaire (Lv. 1525): Not Recommended for Standard Farming. These NPCs use Musket skills, including a second move that can stun-lock and quickly dispatch players. Here’s how to handle them:
    • Avoid the “Tornado Shot” to prevent being stun-locked.
    • Group as many as you can manage and use AoE attacks from a distance.
  • Stone (Boss Lv. 1550): This boss is a powerhouse at close range due to the Bomb fruit’s abilities. To beat him:
    • Stay at a long distance to avoid his AoE and rapid-fire Bomb skills.
    • Use long-range attacks to whittle down his health safely.
  • Boss Hopping: Alternate between fighting Stone and farming Pirate Millionaires and Elite Pirates to level up. This technique allows you to maximize experience gains and make efficient use of your time.

Key Strategies:

  • Exercise caution with grouping methods; the simultaneous attacks from NPCs can be deadly.

  • Leverage long-range and AoE attacks to deal with groups effectively.

  • Buddha users should take advantage of their unique capabilities to farm efficiently.

  • Keep a safe distance when battling bosses with high-damage close-range attacks.

Remember to utilize your character’s strengths and the environment to mitigate the risks and maximize your farming efficiency in Port Town. With the right strategy, you can overcome the challenges and progress to the next island.

Hydra Island

Hydra Island is known to be a challenging location for grinding in Blox Fruits, especially due to the high Elemental level requirements and the scattered placement of enemies. Here’s a strategy to help you navigate and farm on Hydra Island more effectively:

  • Dragon Crew Warrior (Lv. 1575): These NPCs are spread out near the quest giver, which makes grouping them difficult. They also deal significant damage, which can be risky:
    • Aim to use resistances like Buddha or Elemental to mitigate damage.
    • If you can, try to pull and group as many as possible before engaging in combat.
  • Dragon Crew Archer (Lv. 1600): Given that these archers use long-range attacks and have a high Elemental activation requirement, it’s advisable to avoid grinding here if possible.
    • If you must farm them, keep on the move to avoid their ranged attacks and retaliate with your own long-range abilities.
  • Female Islander (Lv. 1625): These can be more easily managed with the right tactics:
    • Gain a height advantage and utilize ranged moves to avoid getting hit.
    • They use melee attacks, so keeping your distance is key.
  • Giant Islander (Lv. 1650): With Aura and powerful melee attacks, these enemies require careful handling:
    • Use elevation to your advantage and attack from a distance.
    • Buddha users can tank and retaliate with AoE attacks, but be cautious of the damage output.
  • Island Empress (Boss Lv. 1675): The Island Empress uses the old Love fruit and can be quite tricky to dodge:
    • Constant movement is essential to avoid her attacks.
    • Ranged attacks work well; keep your distance to minimize damage.
    • Buddha users can engage more directly but should still be cautious.
    • Using launch moves to disrupt her can give you an opening for additional attacks.

General Tips for Hydra Island:

  • Utilize the environment to gain an advantage, especially elevation for ranged attacks.

  • Be cautious of enemy groupings and their damage potential; use resistances effectively.

  • Be prepared to dash and dodge frequently, especially against bosses with AoE attacks.

For Buddha users, while the island is more challenging, using the item enlargement glitch (if still applicable based on the current game version and patches) can offer an advantage. Remember that patience and the right strategy are crucial for successfully grinding in this area.

Great Tree

Great Tree presents a significant challenge due to the high Elemental level requirements and the presence of enemies with Aura. Here’s an overview of the enemies and tactics to consider:

  • Marine Commodore (Lv. 1700): These NPCs have Aura, which means they can hit Elemental users, so Elemental abilities are not effective against them.
    • Buddha users can have an advantage here by grouping a few Commodores and using Buddha’s large AoE attacks.
    • Keep in mind that they can do significant damage if they attack simultaneously, so it’s crucial to manage the number of enemies you’re fighting at once.
  • Marine Rear Admiral (Lv. 1725): Not recommended for farming due to their distance from the quest giver and their powerful Spin move that can stun and damage.
    • If you’re farming for mastery, use hit-and-run tactics and keep an eye on their attack patterns to avoid stuns.
    • Even at high levels, be wary of their stuns and keep a safe distance.
  • Kilo Admiral (Boss Lv. 1750): This boss uses the Kilo fruit, which can be quite tricky, along with Sharkman Karate for melee attacks.
    • Buddha users can take advantage of the large size and AoE attacks to deal with the Kilo Admiral more efficiently.
    • Keep on the move to avoid her attacks and retaliate with ranged abilities or Buddha AoE.
    • Farming the Kilo Admiral can be a good way to gain levels quickly between farming the Marine Commodores.

General Tips for Great Tree:

  • Use Buddha’s AoE abilities to manage groups effectively, but don’t get overwhelmed by taking on too many NPCs at once.

  • Pay attention to the NPCs’ attack patterns and abilities, especially any stuns or Aura abilities that can affect Elemental users.

  • Keep an eye on your health and use any defensive abilities or tactics you have to avoid being taken by surprise by the powerful attacks of the enemies on this island.

Remember, as you approach these higher-level areas, the efficiency of your farming can often benefit more from proper strategy and understanding of enemy patterns than raw power. Stay cautious and methodical for the best results.

Floating Turtle

The Floating Turtle offers a variety of NPCs and bosses for players to challenge, and here’s a rundown of the enemies you’ll encounter and some tactics for tackling them:

  • Fishman Raider (Lv. 1775): These can be grouped and defeated for farming. They are considered slightly inefficient for grinding but can be used to reach level 1800.
  • Fishman Captain (Lv. 1800): Group these in sets of three and defeat until you reach level 1825. Their higher level means they give more experience, which can help you progress faster.
  • Forest Pirate (Lv. 1825): These enemies use Aura and cannot be hit by Elemental users. They are recommended for farming up to level 1900, especially if you have Buddha and can use a double experience code for efficient leveling.
  • Mythological Pirate (Lv. 1850): These are not recommended for farming due to their distance from the quest giver, which makes the process time-inefficient.
  • Captain Elephant (Boss Lv. 1875): It’s beneficial to farm this boss alongside Forest Pirates for a balanced experience and loot gain.
  • Jungle Pirates (Lv. 1900): These are not recommended for farming because they are spaced too far apart, but they might be your best option if the previous quests are not yielding enough experience.
  • Musketeer Pirate (Lv. 1925): Considered the best NPCs to grind in the third sea, especially for Buddha or Blizzard users, due to their grouping and experience yield.
  • Beautiful Pirate (Boss Lv. 1950): This boss might be challenging if you’re not a Buddha user. It’s recommended to farm alongside Musketeer Pirates and use double experience codes. Boss hopping is not advised here.

General Tips for Floating Turtle:

  • Utilize Buddha’s AoE attacks for efficient farming, especially against groups.

  • Consider using experience boost codes if available to maximize your leveling speed.

  • Keep in mind the distance from the quest giver to the NPCs when planning your farming route to save time.

  • Remember that bosses like Captain Elephant and Beautiful Pirate can give valuable drops, so include them in your farming routine.

  • Use long-range attacks and hit-and-run tactics against NPCs with Aura if you’re not using Buddha.

The Floating Turtle also offers various facilities like the Blox Fruit Dealer, Awakenings Expert, and others, making it a critical hub for players in the game.

Haunted Castle

The Haunted Castle area offers a mix of NPCs with different abilities, each providing various challenges and benefits for grinding. Here’s how to approach each of them:

  • Reborn Skeleton (Lv. 1975): These NPCs use Dark Step and are suitable for grinding because they spawn in a group close to the quest giver, allowing for quick and efficient farming. They become vulnerable to Elemental users at level 2056.
  • Living Zombie (Lv. 2000): Farming these is not recommended as they have a longer respawn time and are situated far from the quest giver. Additionally, their use of Flash Step, Superhuman, and Aura makes them challenging opponents for players not using Buddha or who don’t have the appropriate Elemental levels.
  • Demonic Soul (Lv. 2025): These NPCs use Flame and are recommended for farming, especially when using double experience (2xp) codes. Such a strategy can quickly elevate a player’s level to around 2075.
  • Possessed Mummy (Lv. 2050): These use Dark and are best utilized for grinding bones, an in-game resource, rather than for leveling up. Their spread-out spawn points make them inefficient for experience farming, but they become susceptible to Elemental attacks at level 2136.

Additional Tips:

  • Prioritize NPCs like Reborn Skeletons and Demonic Souls for leveling due to their close proximity to quest givers and better spawn rates.

  • Use 2xp codes whenever possible to maximize the experience gained within a limited time, which is especially beneficial when farming Demonic Souls.

  • For players interested in resource gathering, like grinding bones, the Possessed Mummies can be a target, but it’s not recommended for leveling up due to their dispersed spawn locations.

  • Adjust your grinding strategy based on your character’s abilities, fruit powers, and the Elemental levels of the NPCs for maximum efficiency.

Always remember to consider the respawn rate and the distance from the quest giver, as these factors greatly influence the efficiency of your grinding sessions.

Sea of Treats

Each of these islands offers unique challenges and requires specific strategies to farm efficiently.

Peanut Land

  • Peanut Scout (Lv. 2075): These NPCs use Cutlass and are recommended for farming, especially with 2xp codes to accelerate leveling.
  • Peanut President (Lv. 2100): They have Aura and are a good option for farming. Using 2xp boosts is advisable.

Ice Cream Land

  • Ice Cream Chef (Lv. 2125): A viable option for farming due to their proximity to the quest giver and manageable spawn times.
  • Ice Cream Commander (Lv. 2150): Not recommended due to long spawn times.
  • Cake Queen (Boss, Lv. 2175): Best farmed alongside Ice Cream Chefs, and using 2xp codes if possible.

Cake Land

  • Cookie Crafter (Lv. 2200): Recommended for Buddha users; group all 7 NPCs for efficient farming.
  • Cake Guard (Lv. 2225): Not recommended as they are spaced further apart.
  • Baking Staff (Lv. 2250): A good option; group and farm in batches.
  • Head Baker (Lv. 2275): Not recommended due to their high power and immunity to Elemental effects; better to farm Cookie Crafters or Baking Staff.

Chocolate Land

  • Cocoa Warrior (Lv. 2300): Decent for grinding despite limited numbers and respawn time.
  • Chocolate Bar Battler (Lv. 2325): Has a straightforward farming pattern, kill in batches as described.
  • Sweet Thief (Lv. 2350): Efficient for grinding; group in fives.
  • Candy Rebel (Lv. 2375): Recommended for farming; group and kill in fours.

Candy Cane Land

  • Candy Pirate (Lv. 2400): Farm in groups of three.
  • Snow Demon (Lv. 2425): Same strategy as Candy Pirates, recommended until reaching the maximum level.

Farming Tips:

  • Use 2xp codes when available to maximize experience gains.

  • Group NPCs effectively based on their spawn patterns and proximity to the quest giver.

  • Prioritize farming NPCs without Aura as Elemental abilities can be leveraged against them.

  • Use Buddha when beneficial, particularly against groups of NPCs with Aura.

Adapting your approach based on the NPC abilities and your own capabilities will ensure that you level up as quickly as possible.

Tiki Outpost

Tiki Outpost is generally considered a suboptimal location for farming due to several factors:

  • Obstacles: The environment contains numerous obstacles that can disrupt efficient mob gathering and combat.
  • Enemy Health: NPCs on this island have higher health pools, requiring more time to defeat.
  • Respawn Times: Slow respawn rates mean less consistent farming and increased downtime between mob batches.
  • Sound Fruit Users: Those with or willing to use the Sound fruit may find it more manageable, but it’s a specific niche.

If you’ve reached the point where Tiki Outpost is in consideration, it may be more advantageous to participate in sea events for the following reasons:

  • Levels and Mastery: Events provide a substantial amount of experience and mastery, which are essential for maxing out abilities.
  • Materials: Events often drop materials that are critical for upgrades, whether for weapons, boats, or other in-game items.
  • Variety: Engaging in events can break the monotony of farming the same NPCs repeatedly.
  • Challenges: Events often present more complex and dynamic challenges that can be more engaging than standard farming.

Reaching MAX LEVEL in Blox Fruits

Reaching the maximum level is a significant milestone and opens up end-game content and activities. At this point, your focus may shift from leveling to other aspects of gameplay, such as optimizing equipment, mastering skills, participating in high-level raids and events, and possibly helping other players or engaging in PvP content.

Congratulations on reaching this stage in your game! The path forward is now about making the most of your character’s potential and enjoying the various facets of the game at the peak of progression.

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